Collection: Hats & Fascinators

🌿 Embrace the essence of Bicol with our exquisite hats and fascinators, lovingly handcrafted by talented Bicolano artisans using seagrass and raffia—native materials flourishing in the lush Bicol region. 🌺

Each piece is a masterpiece, blending traditional techniques with contemporary style to bring you a truly unique accessory that reflects the rich cultural heritage of Bicol. 🌟

From sunny days to special events, these hats and fascinators are perfect for adding a touch of elegance and a dash of Bicolano flair to any outfit. 🌴✨

Experience the artistry and craftsmanship of Bicol with every wear. Elevate your style with a piece of Bicol's finest, crafted with passion and skill. 🌿🌺 

Discover Delicious Ways to Enjoy Our Bicolano Delicacies

At Bicol's Best AU, we bring the rich flavours of Bicol closer to you. Here's how you can enjoy our ready-to-eat delicacies:

  • Traditional Style: Heat up and enjoy with rice.
  • Perfect Side Dish: Pair with Filipino favorites like adobo, sinigang, or try with grilled meats.
  • Noodle or Pasta Sauce: Add an exotic twist to your pasta or noodles.
  • Savoury Spread: Enjoy on bread, corn thins, or crackers.
  • Pizza Topping: Revolutionize your pizza nights.
  • Filling for Tortillas or Lasagna: Elevate your everyday dishes.
  • Bread or Scrolls Filling: Perfect for a delightful savuory treat.

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Bringing Bicol closer to you, one delicious bite at a time.